Green & Green Law helps people seeking protection from their creditors through the bankruptcy process. We take a client-centered focus in our practice of law. Service to our clients is our top priority. We explain the complex aspects of law in plain, understandable English. We place emphasis on finding creative, but sound, solutions within the bankruptcy laws. 

J. Bart Green handles bankruptcies for individuals and businesses in Boise, Meridian, Caldwell and Nampa under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. We will setup an in-person meeting with you at our office to go over your financial situation in detail. We will evaluate the issues you are facing and make recommendations to you on how best to address your situation. We can be reached at (208) 898-9978. We are usually able to return calls within 24 hours.

Bankruptcy: Losing a job, domestic/health problems, or just being overextended, can put you in a position where debt collectors make life a pain. If you are facing foreclosure, garnishment or attachment, or you just can’t pay all of the bills and taxes, filing for bankruptcy will stop the harassment.

Did you know?

  • Filing for bankruptcy can stop a foreclosure on your home and help you cure the arrearage.
  • Filing for bankruptcy can stop a lawsuit.
  • Filing for bankruptcy can stop garnishment of your wages/attachments of your property.

With over 31 years of practicing bankruptcy law, let us help determine if it is time for your fresh start. Green & Green Law Firm in Meridian, ID has represented thousands of individuals, married couples and small business owners in assisting them to successfully navigate through the bankruptcy legal process, getting them the protection from creditors and debt relief that they need.

Bankruptcy Types:

  • Chapter 7 – is personal liquidation or “straight” bankruptcy. Your creditors are required to stop harassing you. The trustee and court will decide which of your assets are “non-exempt.” At the end all of your dischargeable debts disappear and you get a much desired fresh start.
  • Chapter 13 – is a personal reorganization bankruptcy. Individuals discharge debts with a 3-5 year “repayment plan.” After the time period is up and the debtor has successfully completed the payment plan, most debts which have not been paid through the plan will be discharged. In a Chapter 13 the debtor may be allowed to keep certain property that they would otherwise have to surrender to the trustee in a Chapter 7. Creditors must also stop harassing you once the case is filed.

What’s Involved in Filing for Bankruptcy? 

First, a petition is filed with the US Bankruptcy Court. The filing package is on average about 50 pages for a Chapter 7 and slightly more for a Chapter 13. Court filing fees are $335.00 for a Ch. 7 and $310.00 for a Ch. 13 in addition to reasonable legal fees.

  • Will I Lose Everything?  In a Chapter 7 the debtors may “exempt” and keep certain assets, such as a certain amount of equity in their home, if any, also, equity in a car, or possibly in two cars or trucks, if a married couple is filing jointly.  Debtors may also exempt and keep a certain amount of furniture and household items.  The specifics of this will depend on the particular facts and circumstances of your situation.  We can go over this with you in detail when you come in to meet with us.
  • Are All My Debts Wiped Out?  Some debts may not be discharged: Federal and state taxes incurred less than three years from time of filing, most student loans, child support and alimony.

What Happens Once I File? 

An “Automatic Stay” is issued by the court stopping all legal proceedings against you. Foreclosures, garnishments, repossessions are all halted. Creditors cannot contact you. Creditors must then proceed only through the orderly processes of the Bankruptcy Court.

Bankruptcy is complex and difficult area of law. Bart Green has over 31 years of bankruptcy and litigation experience, and the last 14 years he has devoted his practice to representing only debtors — not the credit card companies, not the pay day loan stores, not the collection agencies, not the banks — but people like you who are in need of help. He has helped thousands of married couples, individuals and small business owners restructure their debt and financial situation and receive the fresh start that they needed through the bankruptcy process. Call (208) 898-9978 for your consultation.

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